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Oh my gosh Carla! I am amazed at the notebook you sent me! It has more than enough information to get me back in shape - all the way around. I can't thank you enough. Even my surgeon and rehab people couldn't find what you sent me. It is golden to me. I am having problems with my insurance and they cut off my physical therapy. With your notebook I can exercise my knee properly myself.
S. C. Roscommon MI
Your upbeat, simple, and relevant response about Hip Replacement exercises, is the best I have gotten...after FOUR different interviews with doctors.
C. P. Southlake, TX
Thank you so very much for the notebook with the water noodle workout. You are an exceptional person of great integrity, something very rare these days. Please use my name for reference pertaining to your honesty and guarantee of all your products. You are one person I would like to do future business with.
KJ El Cajon CA
I am thrilled with the "All Exercises" and "Boot camp" CD. Finally an easy, simple way to keep from getting "stale", and I love the simple visual presentation aspect. I can't wait to victimize my classes this week, they will love it. Thank you!
M. F., Canada
I shared your exercise CD's with our School Board and curriculum coordinator. The course is in place and we have 116 students interested in taking Aquatics for Life,- a water fitness course which will be held five days a week for 18 weeks. We are very excited and could not have moved forward without your initial help and more importantly your programs. I can not thank you enough for your support and generosity in helping us create this course. — B. W., Pittsburgh, PA
The exercises you have sent me are wonderful and I am anxious to try them all. Your gals are sure lucky to have you around them all the time for their classes. Sure you don't want to move to Marietta, GA?
J. C. Georgia
I'm an Instructor and Personal Trainer, so I'm very excited about having a resource such as this. What a great product you have!
K. J., New York.
Wow! You are something else. You really went the extra mile for me and I do appreciate it. I will say you have inspired me to do better with your program and you make it so much fun. Many many thanks, I am deeply indebted to you
— . K. D., Florida
Thank for the excellent personal workout. Having a personal workout was just what I needed. The best part is I can take the notebook to the pool and refer to the color pictures. Much easier than bringing a TV/VCR to the pool. Also, when I can't get to the Aqua Aerobics class, then I can go to the pool on my own with my personal workout notebook. Thanks again for the excellent workout and great customer service. - S. F., California
I started water aerobics class right after my doctor recommended it a year ago, and I have never felt so good in my life! I'm here to say that there is nothing better than these water exercises! - Lauren L, Shreveport LA
I have been in water exercise class since October, 1999 when I was 62 years of age. I was ordered to take them by my physician due to my hip joints having too much wear and tear on them with me walking outside 2 miles a day for 4-5 days a week. I do not swim, I am afraid of the water and I don't get my head under the water so I went to take water exercise kicking and screaming as the old saying goes. Christus Schumpert was the only place who offered classes for someone who is working 8-5. I began and went 4 days a week and after 3-4 months I began to be free of pain in my legs and back. I am more flexible and have more cardio ability now than I had when I began. This year when they cut back on our classes, I tried to walk 1 mile 1 day a week upstairs and in May I began to have trouble with my back and legs. I was just diagnosed with 3 herniated discs in my lower back and the neurosurgeon advised me to keep up with the water exercise as it is the best and most healthful for you. As he told me, I am sure I will need to have further medical treatment for my back later on, but as of now we are just trying the water exercise and some at home back exercises he gave me. As I told my neurosurgeon, I am the best advocate for water exercise Christus Schumpert has because I am always telling someone about how good it is for you. - Pat, Shreveport, LA
Have been doing water exercise, with Carla as my instructor, for five years. As 71 year old great grandmother I have no joint pain and can do most anything I please. For me, the water exercise not only keeps my body in shape but it is also fun, fellowship is great, it can be done year round and my doctors say keep up the good work. I really look forward to my water exercise classes. Still moving and enjoying it, - L.S., Shreveport, LA
I started doing water aerobics for the weekly exercise. However, I have arthritis and water aerobics is one exercise that I can do and still be able to get up the next morning. I wasn't sure what effect it was having on me until I missed a few times and my knees and elbows began to become stiff. When I went back a few times, the stiffness went away. - Virginia B. Shreveport, LA
I have been involved in water aerobics for about fifteen years. It has helped me through lots of health situations--muscle weakness, weight, and heart problems. My heart doctor recommended water exercise and walking over any other exercise for me. I can truthfully say I have benefited from being in this program. I have made lots of friends and have shared their problems. I have increased my participation weekly and love every minute of it. - GT, Shreveport, LA
My MD very strongly advised WATER AEROBICS and now I don't think I can live well without it. .....Been at it for about ten years, under the best regime anywhere - Carla Johnson - EL, Shreveport, LA
I started water exercise 6 years ago on the advice of my doctor. I had degenerative joint disease in my knees and the water exercise was the only form of exercise I could participate in. It has helped me maintain flexibility in my joints and avoid surgery. I highly recommend it. - Betsy W., Shreveport, LA
I have never liked to exercise but after I hurt my knees a year ago I knew I had to do all I could to get better. You make it fun for all of us. Thanks for the encouragement. - Freddie C., Shreveport, LA

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